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About Me

Like many other fitness professionals, I was inspired to help others with their health and fitness goals as I too had my own physical and mental struggles surrounding weight and image, then thrown into the mix is Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and many of its negative side effects, all this has spurred me to take control of my own health in the hope that I could one day share my experiences and knowledge to help others, like you, in their personal health and fitness journey to reach their full potential. Soul Trainer

As well as being a personal trainer with over 10 years of experience, with qualifications in nutrition, weight loss & gain, muscle gain, pre and post-natal pregnancy and much more, my love is teaching. I am qualified to teach variety of group exercise classes but my passion is indoor cycling, and as such I have recently embarked on a new journey to choreograph and deliver an at home, stationary bike programme/class called Cadence. Every person is an individual with different goals, needs and abilities. Cadence is a programme/class for everyone, which includes new/beginners, busy/time constrained and the well versed/intermediate. All you need is an indoor stationary bike, an open mind and a willingness to try your best.

I believe fitness is not just about just exercise but is also about having an expert to guide you through, from the start of your entire programme of exercise to your nutritional lifestyle. My aim is to provide fun and interactive programmes, together with VLog’s on health topics such as PCOS, symptoms and nutrition, my own experiences and in the not too distant future, much, much more.

In a world where health and fitness is all about staying motivated, inspired and committed to progression, especially at a time where social interaction can feel uncertain, I have never been more certain about taking my knowledge online and making a commitment to provide you with the motivation and inspiration to make your own personal journey, whatever that may be, to reach your health and fitness goals.
There are no subscriptions or administration fees, just you, your bike and something to view Cadence and my posts on.