4 Steps To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain as a whole, is for the masses, (1 in 10 world wide) treatable, and generally related to poor posture, or repetitive and incorrect body movement, however it is worth noting, that not all back pain is simple and strait forward and may require further chiropractic consultation. With that in mind, taking steps to attain or maintain good posture is no bad thing.
While there are many things that can be added to our daily routine to assist in the recovery and maintenance of back/spine (core) health, we will be looking at the four main objectives that play an important part in our spines health.

Steps to Alleviate Back Pain # 1: Keeping Good Posture
I understand this may not be the first time you are hearing the statement "keep good posture", but it is worth reiterating as daily life can take its toll on memory, and posture takes a back bench. It may help in the beginning to start taking note of your posture at all times. Good posture should be kept in mind when sitting, standing, and sleeping, if your posture isn't straight, then working on fixing it is a great step towards good posture. 4 Steps To Help Alleviate Back Pain

If you sleep in a position like many other people, with both hands under your pillow while laying on your side, this could lead to pinching a nerve in your neck due to relaxation of the upward most arm, which then leans towards your head of neck. It would be more beneficial to lay your upper arm and hand down on your upper leg while the bottom hand remains under your pillow. Testing a few different thickness pillows in various sleeping positions is also advantageous, as what you may find comfortable for sleeping on your back, may differ from sleeping on your side.

Steps to Alleviate Back Pain # 2: Maintenance, Strength and Flexibility
You may be unfortunate enough to find yourself in frequent back pain, or worse still find it misaligning frequently and you experience pinched nerves. The main goal in these instances would be to re-align your core (spine)and improving its flexibility and strength, however, Do NOT, under any circumstances exercise while any of your nerves are inflamed or swollen unless you have the explicit advice from a professional.

If you find yourself currently suffering from back pain, try putting ice or heat on the spot until the pain seems to lessen. ice aids in the reduction of swelling and heat promotes blood flow, aiding repair.

When seeking relief from back pain, there are several options the most common of which is seeking the aid of a chiropractor, however there are exercises and regimes you can follow at home to improve the flexibility and strength of your core (spine), such as Yoga and other stretching exercises.

Regular maintenance of most mechanical things (such as a car)helps to keep them working efficiently, the same is true of the spine (core). In this instance, regular maintenance comes in the form of exercise. Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy spine long term and increases endurance, durability and reduces fatigue.

Steps to Alleviate Back Pain # 3: Understanding Your Spine
You may have noticed that when I talk about improving your spine (core), it is followed by the word "core", this is because, the the back muscles are included in your core. Abdominal muscles are often mistaken for the group in this category, but they include all the muscles that are required to support your "trunk" (back, glutes, abdominals) and therefore it is very important to strengthen your back and the surrounding muscles that make up your core. By understanding how your spine works and how it moves as you perform your daily activities, will allow you to care for your spine (core) to reduce back pain, keeping you moving longer.

Steps to Alleviate Back Pain # 4: Fill Your Body With The Right Fuel
Eating a healthy balanced diet provides the right fuel necessary for your body to produce required energy to keep you moving and complete the tasks we do throughout the day, such as work tasks and exercise. A balanced diet also helps to maintain an ideal body weight. Weight management is a great way for you to control stress on the joints in your body which includes the spine. If you are unsure where to begin in terms of proper nutrition and making any necessary lifestyle changes towards a healthy diet, please click through my other links, where I will provide meal options and other lifestyle changes, which will steer you in the right direction.