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My name is Kate Munday, I am personal trainer with over 5 years experience in weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain, pre & post natal pregnancy, and cover nutrition as well as fitness.

I was inspired to help others with their health and fitness goals, as I too strugled with my weight & body image. I found that fad diets and well known slimming groups did not work, so I decided to find out more about nutrition and fitness. I am now putting my full knowledge and experience into helping you reach your goals and find a new you.

Personal Training is all about you, helping you to stay motivated, inspired and commited to progress you though your own personal journey what ever that may be to reach your health and fitness goals. Every person is an individual with different goals, needs and abilities. Soul Trainer clients are all trained as such with a personal programme tailored to goals.

I believe that personal training is not just about exercise but is also about having an expert to guide you from the start through your entire programme from exercise to your nutritional lifestyle.

With a wide range of training disciplines and methods I strive to ensure your interest and energy levels remain strong and sharp, continually challenging your mind and your body in a progressive manner.

Whether your goal be weight loss/gain, flexibility, toning, strength, endurance or ability, my programmes are designed to help you.

There are no monthy subscriptions or administration fees, just you, your trainer and your new lifestyle.

Start for a healthier you today!

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