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Fact of the Fortnight


Xmas Turkey

Ok, so it's coming to that time of year again, when everyone seems to worry about what there going to eat or go the complete opposite way and eat until the unwanted pounds are piled on or previous lost pounds are added back. It really doesn’t have to be so complicated, get your festive strategies in place early.
Turkey is a low fat meat making it extremely lean and a great source of protein, which helps to build muscle mass, reduce cravings and fill you up for longer. Most of the fat that is present in a cooked turkey will be found in the skin. So don't eat the skin. Simples! So as you can see, Turkey is not just for Christmas! All of these things contribute to a healthy, speedy metabolism.
If turkey is not for you, whether Vegetarian, Vegan or just un-keen on the bird, try tofu, quorn or soya protein powder instead.

Planning Ahead

If your planning on eating out later on in the evening, plan a day of smaller healthy meals beforehand and avoid between-meal treats.

Chocolate (Boxes)

Never have more than one box of chocolates open at a time, and keep unopened boxes out of sight. They won't go off: stagger them over the next few months if necessary.


Do not hover by the buffet table. Make your selection then step away. Think about what you're putting on your plate - make it one portion and do not make repeat visits. Choose a smaller dessert-sized plate, and avoid the high saturated fat offerings like sausage rolls and quiche; instead load up on fruit, skinless chicken and vegetable crudités.

Work Goddies

If everyone brings in Christmas goodies to share, make your contribution festive satsumas, and EAT THEM rather than the high-calorie communal chocolate and mince pies.

Super Market Food Shop

Make a shopping list and stick to it. Avoid the aisles of temptation and make your Christmas snacks plain popcorn, pretzels, and vegetable crudités with a low fat dip.


Even on Christmas Day, when turkey, stuffing, chipolatas and bacon rolls are begging to be eaten, make sure vegetables take up one third of the space on your dinner plate. If you're in charge of cooking, steam veg where possible or use only a small amount of water. Brussels sprouts, peas and carrots can all be served unbuttered. Use the veg water for gravy and any leftover vegetables in a delicious soup to help fill you up and keep down the calorie count in the days after Christmas.

Choosing Healthy Options

Want to keep the calories down even further? Try dry roasting potatoes on a non-stick baking sheet or use an oil spray instead of smothering them in goose fat. You can also make gravy using vegetable stock instead of meat juices, accompanied by a fruit-based stuffing; make bread sauce from low fat milk.

Drinking and Alcohol

Who doesn't drink more at Christmas? At the very least, steer clear of sweet cocktails and creamy liqueurs. Have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink to keep down the calorie count - it also has the benefit of leaving you with a clearer head the next morning.

Mince Pies

The average mince pie contains around 250 calories and that's before you've added cream or brandy butter. Can't resist this Chrstmas treat? Always remove the lid to cut its calorie-count.

Please do email or tweet if you have any questions or recipe ideas.