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A Day In The Life of

Since running my news and health page's, many of you have asked what the nutritional and exercise habits are for those in the health and fitness industry.
Therefore I have spoken to friends and fellow colgues and they agreed to give me a snipit into their life and routeins.

Daniel Martin
Personal Trainer and Model
Daniel Martin

A Day in My Life

" Here is a typical day in my life, I’ve given a few suggestions for each meal so you can ascertain what a normal day for me is.
I wouldn’t necessarily eat the same thing everyday and could eve have up to 8 meals a day"


Breakfast = 30g of porridge in water with 2 scoops of whey protein powder

Snack 1 = Meal Replacment Bar

Lunch = Turkey Steak with Steamed Asparagus and Broccoli

Snack 2 = Seeds & 1 Piece of Fruit

Dinner = Backed Chick with Parma Ham, and Steamed Veg (Mixed)

Luke Grainger
Full Time Foreign Exchange Broker, Personal Trainer and CEO and Founder of "Your Body Needs you"
Luke Grainger

"I used to be over six stone heavier and now I guide others through the pitfalls of getting a health and fitness regime that works. I’ve been helping people achieve and exceed their health goals since 2004. Here is a nutritional insight into my life"


Breakfast = 2 poached eggs, cucumber, rocket, celery, salmon and sips of water throughout morning (no less than every 30mins)

Snack 1 = Handfull (gently closed fist) of cahsews

Lunch = a Medium size Bowel of Beef Stew

Snack 2 = shared a large mezze with a friend. Including: hummus, lamb skewer, falafel, taziki, mixed leaf salad, hallumi cheese and pitta bread

Dinner = Home made chicken tika curry with steamed rice, 2 papadoms and a couple of bite's of keema nan.

Both experts have provided me with a week in their life, if anyone would like to see more, please do contact me and I shall provide the full week.

Please do email or tweet if you have any questions or recipe ideas.