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Fact of the Fortnight


Marilyn Monroe swore by grapefruit and, as it turns out, researchers at the Nutrition and Medical Research Centre in San Diego discovered that eating a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before a meal resulted in more than three pounds of weight loss in 12 weeks. This is because there is a naturally occurring chemical in grapefruits that lowers insulin levels, reducing cravings and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat! Nice one aye....
Try a grapefruit and protein balls for breakfast.


Great Balls of Fire

As all have you have seen from my last "Fact of the Fortnighg"  Oats, Eggs and Yogurt are all great sources of energy as they are a slow-release, natural energy.
Today I am bringing you a quick easy and very tastey recipie that is packed with all the goodness you need which you can either have as a for breakfast or as a snack espeacially if you are in a rush and need something you can grab on the go.

200g Clear Honey
2 Cups (250g) Oats (Fine ground/blended into powder or flour)
3 Cups (375g) Soya Flour
3 tsp Baking Powder
500g Natural (plain bio) Yogurt
1 Cal Oil Spray
Crushed/Shaved Almonds or Dark Chocolate for Decoration

Preheat the oven to 350f, 200c (180c-190c fan assisted), gas mark 5.
Mix the oats, soya flour and baking powder into a bowl and ensure well combined. Add the honey and mix as well as you can with a spoon, finely add the yogurt and mix together until you have a thick, sticky batter like consistency (using you hands is the best way and you get to get a bit messy in the process...).
Roll into apx 20 round balls and roll in almonds and place on your oiled (with 1cal oil spray) tin and place in the oven for 12-30 mins. The timing will depend on how you like yours cooked and your oven type. I have a fan assisted and on 190c it took 25mins.

If you would prefer them dipped in dark chocolate, cook your protein balls before adding the almonds. Once cooked leave to cool for 15-20 mins and dip into your melted chocolate, place on bake-proof paper and leave to cool either on the side or in the fridge (which is quicker).
Note: When melting chocolate, be careful if doing this in the microwave, as this can burn the chocolate. Put it in for 15-second bursts and stir each time! Best method is to place chocolate into a bowl and boiling water into another bowl, place chocolate over boiling water and stir.

Each ball will provide you with apx 150cals of natural slow-release energy and 20.5g protein! Great as part of your breakfast, snack or an after workout boost.


Please do email or tweet if you have any questions or recipe ideas.