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NEWS This Fortnight - Eating for Two

After the long, cold, boring nights in it brings a welcome, open arms to the sunshine, green grass, the blooming of the flowers and of the numerous amounts of blooming parents we are seeing (well the long cold nights need to be spend doing something right? and what better way than to create new life and the joys of parenthood!

It is with all the yummy mummy's out there (yes you!), that today we are going to discuss nutrition in pregnancy.

Eating for two... I have heard this phrase many times, and while at times it can be a wonderful excuse to finish that last slice of cheese cake, that craving for doughnuts, cheese or gherkins dipped in ice cream (yes I heard them all...).

Of course it is tempting to eat/consume twice as much during your pregnancy as during this time, your body becomes more efficient, meaning that your body works better at absorbing the "nutrients" from the foods that you eat, however consuming double portions, is likely to result in unnecessary weight gain

The guidelines from the IOM (Institute of Medicine) suggests that if you of a healthy weight (advised by your GP or Heath Visitor), you should need no extra calories during your 1st trimester, an extra 340 kcal per day in your 2nd trimester and roughly 450 extra during the third trimester. These figures may vary depending on your personal circumstances, and is always best to check with your physition.

Eating the Right Nutrients, Without the Added Calories

There are many tips that may help you stay healthy during your pregnancy, such as:-

- Planning your meals and snacks a day or two in advance. Knowing what your going to eat before hand, eliminates those moments standing in-front of the fridge or cupboard, looking for something that isn't there, or resorting to the biscuit jar.

- Eat a variety of foods. Check out my 2012 page about "Eating Rainbows". Make your plate better quality, nicer tasting and more aesthetically pleasing bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients from whole foods including fruits and vegetables from all colour families to provide your body with a rainbow of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, substances that protect the cells in your body.

Exercise and Pregnancy

There is no doubt about it, exercise is a big plus for both you and your baby (Dependant on contraindications). Exercise can help you fell better, look better, prepare you and your body for birth, gain or re-gain your pre pregnancy body more quickly and much more.

At a time when you wonder if your body is really yours, excercise can give you back a sense of control, and boost your energy levels. Along side this, excercise increases blood flow to your skin, giving a wonderfully healthy glow (of course if you don't already have one....).

All being you have been given the all clear from your health care professional, and there are NO contraindicating factors preventing you from excercise, there is no reason you should not be able to carry out some form of excercise from the moment you are pregnant.

For more information or to speak to us please contact us.

INTERVIEWS - 4 Weeks and AMAZING Results

This fortnight, I will be introducing you to a my newest client "Paraic". He hired me just 4 short weeks ago, and what a journey he has made already.
4 weeks ago, Paraic called me and asked me to assist and guide him though a process that will enable him to loose fat. Paraic trains for Judo, however felt he had lost his way with his nutrition and gained unwanted weight. From the moment I met Paraic, he was ready adn willing to change and embrace all that was necessary to reach his goal.
As with many pople I speak to, Paraic was under the umpression that eating 3 meals a day that consisted of simple cereal for breakfast, a nice simpe sandwich for lunch and an even simpler diiner with either rice, pasta or potatoes, and little did he know that these meals were so simple, that for our WONDERFLY COMPLEX bodies, this just wasn't enough.
Along with his new excercise regime, Paraic, now eats 5-6 times a day. he too is a busy man, who drives allot for a living. This has not been an issue for him and we have devised him a plan that works for him "personaly". Paraic has very kindly allowed me to post his pictures So FAR... There will be more to come as we strip more unwanted tissue, sculpt and define!! (Watch this space)

Before (Photos on the Left) And After (Photos on the Right)
- Standing more Proud....

- Kyphosis in his back is starting to correct itself - his posture is better...

- Check out his stomach - What a result!..

If you need help or have any comments with any of the information supplied, please don't hesitate to contact me via email

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